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We are living in a competitive world where it is necessary to prove yourself for the better survival. In order to prove yours existence and strength you need to work hard on your qualities and this same thing is applied on the different products in the market. For marketing, advertisement is the best idea.Companies are dependent completely on the advertisement today. They make their advertisements so attractive so that they can attract the attention of the customers towards themselves. Their sell of products are dependent on the advertisement of products itself. Here is the collection of some wonderful and funny pictures of interesting ads war among different companies of same products.


Interesting War Advertising (1)   Interesting War Advertising (2)   Interesting War Advertising (3)   Interesting War Advertising (4)   Interesting War Advertising (5)   Interesting War Advertising (6)
Since MAC and PC both hit the market very hard so there has been a topic of debate which one in best. The debate is quite interesting more than that of the politics. For many users, cost is key.

You want to get the absolute most for your money. In years past, PCs dominated the budget friendly market, with Macs ranging anywhere from $100 to $500 more than a comparable PC. Now this price gap has lessened significantly.

However, you will notice a few key features that Macs tend to lack in order to provide a lower price: memory and hard drive space. Most PCs have anywhere from 2GB to 8GB of RAM in laptops and desktops, while Macs usually have only 1GB to 4GB. Macs typically have smaller hard drives than PCs.

NIKON:-Interesting War Advertising (14)   Interesting War Advertising (15)   Interesting War Advertising (16)  According to Nikon, the camera can capture anything whether it is the face of ghost, face of human, skeleton, or even peepers. By this they want to say that their resolution is so amazing that it can capture small pictures also from large distance.

Its pixels are so high due to which the clearity of picture is increased a lot. Its amazing features attract the attention of the people a lot. In the 2nd picture, the persons hidden beneath the trees are seen clearly only due to the features of the camera.


Interesting War Advertising (17)According to lumix, the snap of a person or the thing can be captured itself by the camera itself even when the person wants to hide that thing. There are many attractive models of this camera type are available in the market which attract the attention.

In the picture, a pregnant lady is there who wants to hide her stomach by her hand but due to amazing pixels of camera it is captured in the picture and the lady is not succeeded in doing so.


Interesting War Advertising (10)   Interesting War Advertising (11)   Interesting War Advertising (12)   Interesting War Advertising (13)   FROM PEPSI:-

Pepsi and coca cola are the two named brands whose demands are high for the soft drinks during the summer. In the 1st picture, it is seen that coca cola gets the second floor of the building for their sales marketing office but very interestingly pepsi add their advertising board and it is then written that pepsi is available everywhere not only on the second floor of the building as the coca cola is.

In the 2nd picture, it is shown that even the chilly winters cannot stop people to drink pepsi. In the 3rd picture, it is seen that the straw doesn’t wanted to go inside a coca cola but it is easily gone inside the pepsi.

Coca cola is also the named brand of the soft drinks. There are many different flavours of this brand like fanta, maaza, sprite etc. which are always in demand during the the funny picture it is seen that a rude manager of pepsi expelled a guy who is working in his company just because he drink coca cola.

Interesting War Advertising (7)Nowadays, everyone wants to get inside a BMW car and want to drive it once because of its standard and its smoothness. The models of the cars are so attractive that everyone likes the model and there becomes a dream to be in the car.

Many models of the car became the model of the car. In the 1st picture, the model of the car is shown which is the international car of the year 2006.

Interesting War Advertising (8)Audi also makes different attractive models which can attract the people. The models are really cool and amazing that people cannot withdraw its attention from that model. There are also different models of the car which are ranked good in the F1 races. So generally people prefer Audi for the ride.

Interesting War Advertising (9)The 3rd category of the amazing cars consists of Subaru. Its models as well as engines are really cool which increased its efficiency. These cars are also great from the transmission point of view. The engines of these cars are so efficient so that its average is high. Due to this engine the car is rated international engine of the year 2006 which is shown in the picture.

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