Shoes for fans of Epic “Star Wars”


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Fans of epic “Star Wars” – people are special. Manufacturers of apparel, shoes and accessories are well aware of this fact and not get tired of earning a gikah, releasing all the new merchandise based on the beloved saga. For example, in you could see it with a line of sneakers from Adidas Star Wars . Today we bring you another collection of circumstellar “sneakers.” That’s just unlikely that you will be able to go to them for theme parties. Do you have a hell of a small shoe size. After all these lovely krossovochki designed for quite another young Jedi – toddlers and infants.

‘Jedi’ shoes boys, girls, and especially the parents were pleased with the American company of geeks Stride Rite , in cooperation withRobeez . Their line of children’s shoes different theme really fun color (which is only a couple with a portrait of a dark lord of the Sith Darth Maul) and that most amuses the kids, colored lights that flash with every step. Have fun, and practical: do not miss their child out of sight even in the dark.

The collection combines several iconic characters saga, whose image served as a source of inspiration for designers. Here and shoes that imitates the look of a robotic assistant R2D2, and “dark” with a pair of portraits of Darth Vader and Darth Maul, as well as a symbolic red light (for the boys who do not mind playing the bad guys in adults). You can even buy shoes, light bulbs that look like shooting while walking on the fantastic blasters.


Designers have taken care of and the smallest: the company’s website presents booties in genuine suede in the form of the same or R2D2 master Yoda, who teaches the kid to go for sure and control the Force.

It is interesting only for whom sneakers based on the film Spielberg and Lucas will be a great gift: for the child or, after all, their parents, fanateyuschih of cosmic history?

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