Fiorella Yacht – yacht-egg, a floating Space for Recreation


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The yacht , even in the most unusual forms, still has the structure of the boat, ship. But this statement does not apply to Fiorella Yacht , which is more like an egg or a flower than a floating space for recreation.

We were talking about a lot of boats that have a very unusual appearance. For example, about a boat with Tropical Island Paradise volcano , about a boat in the style of Aston Martin , or about a yacht Solar Odyssey, like a stingray . But Fiorella Yacht – a yacht-flower!

Conceived with the name Fiorella Yacht created a South Korean designer Kim Hyong Sok (Hyun-Seok Kim). It must drastically change our view of what could ever be a yacht. It is not necessary that they all, as one must repeat the structure of boats and ships. The ability to quickly cut through the sea water – this is not a priority of a task! More importantly – to give people comfort, to be a place for recreation: active and passive. And this can Fiorella Yacht great deal!

Externally, Fiorella Yacht yacht will remind both the egg and flower. Egg when it is in the folded state, the flower – in the expansion. Petals also need to ensure that all this construction is to keep the balance, rocking on the waves. They can also perform the function of traps.

In Fiorella Yacht yacht slips easily into a bed, sofa, table and other furniture items. All are designed with folding to be able to use them as needed.

Moreover, the floor level of Fiorella Yacht can be hoisted up and lowered the water level below it. This feature allows you to keep better balance the yacht, as well as watch the underwater world through the windows located below the formatter.

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