Project Sartoccio – Cardboard Tableware made of Porcelain


February 1, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Sloppy, battered dishes … made of cardboard? From designer porcelain authorship Paronetto Paola (Paola Paronetto) made ​​a collection of unusual dishes called Sartoccio. Experimenting with the properties and possibilities of porcelain, Italian was able to turn it into corrugated cardboard, and make this board a series of bowls, vases, pialochek …

Judging by the picture, one can hardly believe that these things really can fly for a hundred pieces of porcelain, and are not such easy as they seem from the outside. Being able to simulate the effect of paper, which is achieved by a combination of processing techniques of so-called ‘paper clay »- paperclay, the designer has managed to turn a joke about beating the paper into a reality. As a result, came to light vases and decanters, untidy appearance, but stylish and unusual design in accordance with concept.

Uneven corrugated effect is achieved because of the “paper” clay paperclay is cellulose, which gives the plastic material strength, and after firing – a characteristic relief. Cardboard china presented at the beginning of the year in Paris at the exhibition Maison & Objet – 2011.

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