5 Types of Men you should Avoid Wedding with


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This post is for those girls which are about to marry a men and don’t have a clue what to look and what not to look.. let’s see which men can be left out while making a choice.

He’s a mamma’s boy

His mom keeps calling him frantically when the two of you are together. And he doesn’t mind it! In fact, when you both are discussing something important, he involves his mommy too! Leaving no private space, he keeps his mother by his side at all occasions. With pleasure! Fine, mothers are important. But so are girlfriends. He seems to be stuck with holding his mom’s hands all the time. It’s likely to continue even after you marry him. Let him stay with his mom and you find someone who gives you the much-needed importance.

He’s bad with money

He earns quite well. And loves pampering you with gifts. But he doesn’t save money. He squanders it all! As soon as money comes his way, he tosses it all down the drain. He buys stuff which is not required. He often goes out to eat with his friends, and insists on paying the entire bill every time. And he ensures he leaves a good amount of tip for the waiter too! Consequently, his wallet goes for a toss before the month is over. It’s time you should ask yourself – is he really worth walking down the aisle with?

He has no friends

Basically, he has no life! He only wants to keep talking to you all the time. He wants you to be with him only. He doesn’t like it when you plan an outing with your friends. And makes excuses every time you want him to meet them. His way of living is awfully eccentric. He gets up in the morning, goes to office, comes back home, watches some TV, has dinner and hits the sack. Of course, he gives you hundreds of calls while doing all this. In short, he leads a very boring life. Do you still want to marry him?

He respects/values no one

He thinks he owns you. He wants you to take his wishes as your commands. He wants to hold the fort and control your life. Without caring about your feelings, he starts yelling at you. Anywhere! Also, he is a show-off! He finds pride in talking spitefully with waiters in restaurants. Such discourteous ways often don’t go down well with the others around. When they condemn his unmannerly behaviour, he picks fights with them. Take it as a wake up call and think twice before getting hitched to this guy.

He has no/poor sense of humor

He does crack jokes. But only the ones he finds funny! He still swears by the funny stories you find no more worth hooting at. If you chuckle at any of his jokes, he adds it to his list of to-be-repeated-next-time jokes. Also, it’s a difficult task for him to make you smile when you are feeling low. Instead of cheering you up with some good humour, he makes you sadder, owing to his not-at-all funny side. Poor sense of humour is as bad as no sense of it! It’s better to lead your life with a witty man instead.

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