Style of Dress as the Card of Celebrities


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“Sometime looks shows their escorted mind” and “Clothes’ give rememberance of certain people and certain way of eventually becoming a business card, distinctive feature of some celebrities. so lets not talk much and look at the selection.

1. Steve Jobs black turtleneck.

look01 style of dress as the card of celebrities

The world`s head of Apple’s remembered as the man in a black turtleneck. Every year Jobs bought a couple dozen identical black turtlenecks from the shops of St. Croix in Minnesota costs $ 175 a piece. As representatives of St. Croix, after the death of Steve Jobs sales his favorite turtlenecks almost in doubled.

2. Diane Keaton: gloves.

look02 style of dress as the card of celebrities

Diane Keaton has become an icon of style back in 1977 due to the fact, role played by Annie Hall in the eponymous film. But now the 65-year-old actress best known for his ability to dress stylishly. Appearing on the red carpet and official events like the show TODAY (pictured), an actress almost always wears a conservative ensemble of simple slacks (white, black or khaki), a belt and a pair of gloves. The last element of the wardrobe is not an actress because it is trying to hide a skin disease or a habit of biting his nails, as idle gossips claim. Gloves, is an integral part of its image.

3. Hillary Clinton pantsuit.

look03 style of dress as the card of celebrities

Trouser suit has always been associated with a fairly boring women’s clothing. But Clinton was able to prove by example that this garment (which she has so often that it became her calling card) may look extraordinary, and it does not necessarily have to be strict dark shades. Clinton wardrobe – it’s trouser suits of all colors, from sky-blue and canary yellow finishing. Actually this diversity can be seen in the picture on the left, which was made on 26 August 2008 during the Congress of the U.S. Democratic Party.

4. Madeleine Albright: badges and brooches.

look04 style of dress as the card of celebrities

Brooches first woman to occupy the post of U.S. Secretary of State – is not just an accessory, but also a diplomatic tool, a way of nonverbal communication. If the diplomatic reception Albright was optimistic, she wore brooches in the form of butterflies or flowers. If the mood was less positive in the course were the brooch in the form of crabs and turtles. At the very difficult negotiations, it arrived with a brooch in the form of wasp. A collection of jewelry, Madeleine Albright, which includes about 200 copies, was exhibited in various cities of the United States.

5. Katharine Hepburn: pants.

look05 style of dress as the card of celebritiesIn the days when women wore skirts and stockings only, actress Katharine Hepburn was known for his wide trousers, garment, which was characterized by both elegance and comfort. It is such an unusual choice of clothing for women slacks actress became a symbol of women’s autonomy and gained popularity and became a symbol of style and independence.

6. Mark Zuckerberg: hooded sweatshirts.

look06 style of dress as the card of celebritiesMark Zuckerberg began working on the creation of Facebook still in junior year at university, his style of clothing is also quite like student: Like most American students, Mark chose a sweater, jeans and sneakers. One characteristic of the style are Tsukenberga hooded sweatshirts. And despite the fact that Zuckerberg has managed to make a fortune, not by changing the style of clothes, it tells us that over the past seven years is not particularly changed.

7. Simon Cowell: tight-fitting T-shirts.

look07 style of dress as the card of celebritiesSimon Cowell, an English television presenter, producer, active figure of television and film industry, as well as judge of the popular television show X-Factor is very concerned about their appearance, and therefore likes to appear in public wearing T-shirts that show his muscles. Color t-shirts does not matter, but they are always very, very tight.

8. Michael Kors black color.

look08 style of dress as the card of celebritiesAmerican fashion designer Michael Kors created a glamorous dress for Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama.However, he prefers a much more modest style. It usually appears in black, for example, as in this photo – in black T-shirt, jeans and a blazer. Such a simple way probably allows Michael to focus on what really matters to him – on what is happening on the catwalk.

9. Warren Buffett: glasses.

look09 style of dress as the card of celebritiesThe well-known financial analyst Warren Buffett obviously does not apply to those people who wear glasses to look smarter.Whatever it was, he always appears at public events in glasses with a massive frame. Of course, to the correction of vision or buy a more modern frame for the billionaire’s not a problem, but the old-fashioned glasses have become part of his image.

10. Karl Lagerfeld: gloves, tuxedo and dark glasses.

look10 style of dress as the card of celebritiesEven among the avant-garde Parisian fashion at fashion shows in the French capital the chief designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld is always recognizable by his long hair, folded into a snow-white tail, gloves, tuxedo and dark glasses. Legendary fashion designer and photographer, always appears in public in this manner and even became a prototype for a teddy bear, which was recently released by German designers, and put the toy in a miniature suit of his famous compatriot.

11. Tom Wolfe white suit.

look11 style of dress as the card of celebritiesJournalist and writer, a pioneer in the direction of “new journalism” in the literature and the author of the novel “Bonfire of ambition” for the first time bought a white suit in 1962, intending to wear it in summer. But for a summer dress was too warm, and Wolfe began to appear in it in winter. Since it is white suits were his trademark. In one of these suits Tom Wolfe appeared on the cover of Time magazine in 1998.


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