Landscapes Created by Human Hands


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The team of financial resource Planet Money recently reported that they had acquired property in Bradenton, Fla., and the team looked at the surrounding area in this region. Many houses are abandoned for several years. Large buildings stand unfinished among densely built-up area and marsh areas. But in Charlotte County sufficient building that can stand for more than 100 years. Construction affects the south-western part of Florida for several decades, and we suggest you look at the man-made scenery,(using Google Earth).
01  Landscapes, manmade

1. Section partially built-up residential project with only two houses near Fort Myers, State of Florida .

02 Landscapes, manmade2. Strip of houses in the south-eastern part of Fort Myers.

03  Landscapes, man-3. Circular plots with houses near the highway, I-75.

04 Landscapes, manmade4. This area of ​​23 067 hectares titled “Mansions Goldent Gates” was the largest in America in the 1960s. Were they built canals and roads, but eventually the construction company went bankrupt. Over the past 20 years, the earth has passed the state and turned into a forest pique Strand.

05 Landscapes, manmade5. Boats sail on the canals in Cape Coral North, Florida.

06  Landscapes, manmade6. Rotunda area VEST, originally built up in the 1960s, and has not been completed. It is located in Charlotte County, Florida.

s07 0000 Landscapes, man-7. Densely populated area in Bonita Springs.

08 Landscapes, manmade8. Area, built around an artificial lake in south-eastern part of the Bonita Springs, Florida.

09  Landscapes, man-9. Deadlocks in the southern region in VEST Rotonda Charlotte County.

10 Landscapes, manmade10. Built-up area  nearby, which is under construction in the Lehigh AKRS.

11  Landscapes, man-11. Densely populated area of ​​Cape Coral, Florida.

12 Landscapes, manmade12. Building near North Fort Myers River Kalusahetchi.

13 Landscapes, manmade13. Partly built up, and now partially overgrown area in Lehigh AKRS.

s14 0000 Landscapes, man-14. Airport «Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport» was originally planned as jetport «Everglades Jetport». Its construction began in 1968, and it was planned as the largest airport with six lanes to support traffic superfast. Because of the nearby Big Cypress Preserve airport construction was suspended, and when advertised “superfast” airport does not live up to his expectations, the project was left as it is.

15 Landscapes, manmade15. “Lattice” unimproved streets in the west of Port Charlotte, Florida.

16 Landscapes, manmade16. The area in Port Charlotte, Florida.

17 Landscapes, manmade17. Partially built-up area near the harbor of Charlotte, north of Fort Myers.

18 Landscapes, manmade18. Houses in a row along the artificial lake near Naples, Florida.

s19 0000 Landscapes, man-19. Channels and  home in the Park Charlotte, south of Port Charlotte, Florida.

20 Landscapes, manmade20. Built-up piece of land to the north of Iglvuda.

21Landscapes, manmade21. Part of the Verona Walk – Naples Area, Florida.

22  Landscapes, manmade22. Homes in areas round to the north of North Fort Myers.

23  Landscapes, man-23. A series of residential buildings in various stages of completion along the highway in the south of Naples, Florida.

24  Landscapes, man-24. Naples Park – densely populated area north of Naples.

25  Landscapes, man-25. Canals and rivers home near Big Marco in Marco Island, Florida.

26 Landscapes, manmade26. Construction machinery  at the artificial lake in south-eastern part of Fort Myers, Florida.

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