Jeweline – Stylish Tourist Coach Bus, Paris


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Paris – a world center of fashion, leisure and entertainment. Everything about him breathes beauty, comfort, chic! These stereotypes and decided to exploit the creators of the concept of the tourist bus Jeweline , whose appearance, in their idea, should resemble a precious stone.

Jewelry and cars – that things are very interconnected. For example, and then, and it may be perceived as a luxury, and only joined together – even more so. As an example, Maybach with diamond details or gold BMW Goldie Horn . A designer Thierry Dyumeyn (Thierry Dumaine) created the concept of a vehicle Jeweline, which will have the look of jewelry.

Jeweline – is a small tourist bus designed for road trips to Paris – the capital of fashion, style, chic and pleasure. That in order to demonstrate the most mentioned trends are guests of the city, and created a vehicle. Jeweline Bus will be quite small. It is intended only for four passengers. But some of VAN may be interconnected into a single hitch. This is in case you want to go on a trip a large group of tourists.

Jeweline has not only a presentable appearance, reminiscent of a diamond or other precious stones treated. The internal decoration was created by him to be exterior. This is done in order to provide visitors a tour of Paris with maximum comfort and maximum capacity, including, and digital.

The interior will be used Jeweline white leather, genuine gemstones and precious woods.

Tourist bus Jeweline will go on strictly specified routes in the automatic mode, without a living driver. Moreover, there will be no battery, despite the presence of an electric motor. Jeweline designed for driving on a special inquiry lines, from which it will produce energy through electromagnetic induction.

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