Keds collection directly from the social networking world


February 2, 2012Miscellaneous1 Comment

With the advent of social networking world will never be the same again. And in general: hard to fully appreciate how the Internet has changed our lives. Without it, we can not normally learn, communicate and do not represent their leisure time. And these words you would not read too now, not been for the great Web site. So it is not surprising that an Internet in general and its most popular resources grateful user often recognized in love. And opt for this unusual ways. For example, create a themed collection of shoes.

The designer from Venezuela Bigott Lumen (Lumen Bigott) proposed several colors most urgent among the main monster sneaker manufacturers and eternal rival Converse – Company Keds . Each pair developed lumens, executed in the corporate color of one of the most popular network resources, and adorned its logo. The main thing is that the idea is almost certainly a win-win and quickly go to the masses: still doing “it” – go to “green pastures” internet site at least from time to time.

The collection for Keds Lumen Bigotta logged in to their flat soles and dark blue sneakers Facebook , with one “unread” message, and weird colors pair, which on closer inspection turns out to be Google -st.

Black and red sneakers with the look and feel familiar to fans upload videos that can not imagine life without YouTube . And to buy a white-gray Wikipedia should give a discount to everyone who donated hard-earned in support of the most popular encyclopedia in the world.

The most vivid and well turned out positive slippers Flickr in a cheerful polka dots and pale blue (or turquoise yet?) Twitter with handsome whale “on board”.

It’s time to start selling soon Keds potentially top sneakers around the world. And then, you never know, you are something more popular.

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    Хочу такие=}

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