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Reputable analyst firm Economist Intelligence Unit published a ranking of the best cities to live in 2011.
Quality of life in 140 cities across the company’s experts evaluated on 30 parameters, including safety, health, social stability, education, infrastructure development, availability of goods and services, the environment and the diversity of cultural life.
Let us begin with the last, 10th place…

10 place. Auckland, New Zealand, 95.7 points

1158 Top 10 best cities to live1.  10th spot is the city of Oakland. This is the largest city in New Zealand with a population of about 1.3 million people, a quarter of the total population.
2147 Top 10 best cities to live2. Today Auckland is the economic and cultural center of New Zealand, by historic attractions the city is not rich, but that’s the beauty of its picturesque, Auckland affects many hearts of those who come here for the first time. One of the attractions – Sky Tower high-rise tower (Sky Tower) 328 feet tall – the tallest building in the southern hemisphere
3130 Top 10 best cities to live3. Auckland is surrounded by three marine bays , the precincts of the city has 48 extinct volcanoes. Night Auckland
490 Top 10 best cities to live4. Panorama of Auckland with Sky Tower

9th place. Adelaide, Australia, 95.9 points

560 Top 10 best cities to live5. 9th place belongs to the capital and the largest city of South Australia, the fifth-largest city with a population of over 1.1 million people – a city Adelaide.
656 Top 10 best cities to live6. It is named in honor of the queen – the wife of King of Great Britain and Hanover, William IV, sits on the throne from 1830 to 1837 years.
754 Top 10 best cities to live7. The city is located on the ocean. The central part of Adelaide’s high-rise, with a few modern skyscrapers , and the rest of town has one or two storey in nature. Perfect cleanliness, neatness and perfect finishing of buildings – the card of Adelaide. Victoria Fountain
854 Top 10 best cities to live8. Here, tourists are attracted to Adelaide, the third largest in Australia, Kangaroo Island – Wildlife with a colony of sea lions and a beautiful fishing beach. also average income of every worker. however, the quality of life and property values ​​here are significantly lower than in other major cities in Australia. Kangaroo Island

8th place. Perth, Australia, 95.9 points

943 Top 10 best cities to live9. Perth – the largest city and capital of Western Australia with a population of 1.2 million people, located on the shores of the Indian Ocean.
1044 Top 10 best cities to live10. The city is considered one of the main economic centers in Australia. It produces gold, diamonds and nickel. the world’s largest gold deposits discovered nickel in the area  Kalgoorlie,  the world’s leading diamond-district Kimberley, which is the main competitor to South Africa and Yakutia diamond deposits.
1159 Top 10 best cities to live11. Modern skyscrapers
1239 Top 10 best cities to live12. Perth is called “the pearl of Australia.” Old buildings, convenient pedestrian zone in the heart of Perth,  beautiful views of  River Perth catch attraction of tourists.
1337 Top 10 best cities to live13. One of the attractions – meteorite crater Wolf Creek
1437 Top 10 best cities to live14. Mild and equable Mediterranean climate of Perth, beautiful beaches, restaurants, bars and nightclubs make it more attractive.

7th place. Sydney, Australia, 96.1 rating

1536 Top 10 best cities to live15. Australia’s largest city in the south-east coast – Sydney. it is ​​another huge city and the main problem for all travelers – they need time to see as much as possible.
1635 Top 10 best cities to live16. The number of parks and green oases, make Sydney unlike from other major cities of the world: 34 acres of Royal Botanic Gardens – next to the skyscrapers in the City
1734 Top 10 best cities to live17. In summer the whole of life in Sydney move to the beaches here you will found more than 20 city beaches, and a dozen harbors. The most famous Bondi Beach (Bondi) – favorite place to surf in Sydney.
1833 Top 10 best cities to live18. Sydney in the evening, incredibly handsome promenade lights on skyscrapers pierce the water harbor. One of the most recognizable buildings in Sydney – Building of Sydney is Opera House
1932 Top 10 best cities to live19. Another main attraction of Sydney – the Harbour Bridge. It is the largest bridge of the city and one of the largest steel arch bridges in the world
2032 Top 10 best cities to live20. An aerial view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House

6th place. Helsinki, Finland, 96.2 points

2148 Top 10 best cities to live21. Helsinki – the capital and largest city of Finland with a population of 578 thousand people.
2232 Top 10 best cities to live22. Streets curve around bays, bridges connect the islands, and ferries communicate with the remote islands.  smell of sea is common and  ports get constant noise from incoming and outgoing ships.
2329 Top 10 best cities to live23. Helsinki is the hub of business, education, culture and science in Finland. In Greater Helsinki there are 8 universities and six technology parks, Here you will see – View of the city center. One of the attractions of Helsinki – The Cathedral
2427 Top 10 best cities to live24. 70% of foreign companies operating in Finland are located in the city.
2527 Top 10 best cities to live25. Helsinki is a maritime city, Built on the peninsulas and islands of the Baltic coastline.

5th place. Calgary, Canada, 96.6 points

2625 Top 10 best cities to live26. Calgary – largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada, in the foothills and prairie, about 80 km east of the watershed of the Canadian Rockies.
2725 Top 10 best cities to live27. This city is one of the sunniest in Canada – the sun shines an average of 2,400 hours there each year.
2823 Top 10 best cities to live28. Calgary is located in the transition zone between the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the Canadian prairies, so it is fairly hilly terrain.Center height above sea level, Calgary is approximately 1048 m.
2923 Top 10 best cities to live29. Life in Calgary, one way or another, revolves around oil. Its deposits discovered in the early 20th century. Despite this, the city is considered one of the cleanest city in the world by many organizations.
3021 Top 10 best cities to live30. Olympic Plaza area. In the distance you can see the famous landmark – Calgary Tower-height  91 m. It is designed so that, gently swaying in the wind, even with very strong gusts to maintain its stability.
3131 Top 10 best cities to live31. The business part of Calgary, 2010

4th. Toronto, Canada, 97.2 points

3224 Top 10 best cities to live32. Toronto – Canada’s largest city and provincial capital of Ontario, current name of the city received in 1834.
3322 Top 10 best cities to live33. Toronto – Canada’s most cosmopolitan city, about 49% of its residents are immigrants. View of the city from a helicopter, November 2010
3421 Top 10 best cities to live34. In Toronto, the longest street in the world – Young Street, registered in the Guinness Book of Records and has a length of 1896 km. It is the largest zoo in the world. The area of ​​the zoo is 283 hectares. Here, in conditions are close to the environment, natural habitats, contains about 5,000 different animals. The view from the heights on the other side of Toronto
3518 Top 10 best cities to live35. CN tower – the world’s tallest tower, built in 1976. Its height is with a spire 553 meters and 446 meters in height.
3617 Top 10 best cities to live36. It is difficult to find the point where it is not visible .
3716 Top 10 best cities to live37. Toronto Islands – a perfect place for recreation and picnics. local tourists love this place. View of town from the island
3815 Top 10 best cities to live38. The main attraction is the area of ​​Toronto, Niagara Falls. It is situated between Lake Ontario and Erie on the border with the United States, 140 km from Toronto.
3913 Top 10 best cities to live39.  Toronto

3rd place. Melbourne, Australia, 97.5 points

4012 Top 10 best cities to live40. Melbourne – the second largest city in Australia with a population of 3.8 million and the capital of Victoria. The city is considered one of the major commercial, industrial and cultural centers in Australia. It is also often referred to as sports and cultural capital of the country.
4118 Top 10 best cities to live41. Melbourne is considered to be the most beautiful city in Australia. Because of the elegant Victorian architecture, and wonderful nature.
4216 Top 10 best cities to live42. Lovers of Victorian architecture is worth a walk down the street Suonston. It is the central street of the city
4314 Top 10 best cities to live43. Besides, who wants to see all at once in Melbourne, is up to the observation deck of the Tower Rialto. This is a skyscraper whose height is 253 meters.View from Rialto Tower
4412 Top 10 best cities to live44. One of the attractions – Victorian Arts Centre
4512 Top 10 best cities to live45. Yarra River, Melbourne
4611 Top 10 best cities to live46.

2nd place. Vienna, Austria, 97.9 points

4710 Top 10 best cities to live47. Vienna – capital of Austria, situated in the eastern part of the country. The population of the suburbs of Vienna is about 2.3 million.
4810 Top 10 best cities to live48. This is one of the most charming cities in Europe, lying on the banks of the Danube.
496 Top 10 best cities to live49. Vienna – a world-renowned center for music, thanks to a long line of famous artists who lived and worked in this city: Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert.
505 Top 10 best cities to live50. Here, there are palaces and majestic squares, picturesque streets and numerous parks. One of the most recognizable buildings in the city – City Hall
5114 Top 10 best cities to live51. Imperial Palace – winter residence of the Austrian Habsburgs and the main seat of the imperial court in Vienna. At the present time – the official residence of the President of Austria. Got 2600 halls and rooms.
5213 Top 10 best cities to live52. Located near the capital of the Vienna woods – a mountain massif in Austria. This is a wonderful natural recreation area, a forest area with their own towns and hotels, spas and hot springs.

1st place. Vancouver, Canada, 98.0 points

5311 Top 10 best cities to live53. So, we got to the 1st place. According to market research firm Economist Intelligence Unit, the best city on earth to live in Vancouver.
5410 Top 10 best cities to live54. Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada, in the beautiful bay at the foot of the Pacific coastal ranges of North American Cordillera.
5510 Top 10 best cities to live55. It’s a third-largest city in Canada with a population of 2.433 million people and the largest settlement in British Columbia – Vancouver from a height of 500 meters
564 Top 10 best cities to live56. Vancouver Night
574 Top 10 best cities to live57. One of the most beautiful cities in the country surrounded by thick pine forests, snow-capped mountains and fords.
584 Top 10 best cities to live58. Beacause of many rivers, city was laid 20 bridges, 3 of which are movable.
594 Top 10 best cities to live59. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world of ocean. There is a spacious  beaches, and lush parks, magnificent architecture and buildings. Tourists from around the world are attracted by comfortable hotels, many museums, shops, restaurants and sports facilities.
604 Top 10 best cities to live60. Vancouver has a mild climate, being part of a unique ecosystem, so the summer is mild and not hot, and winters rarely snows.
6113 Top 10 best cities to live61. The famous Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, which is located on the hill Little Mountain
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