Autumn in the air


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Autumn – it’s the harvest season, festivals and fairs, bird migration, preparing for winter, and, of course, the golden foliage. In northern areas, people started to feel the air,a hint of light frost, the leaves reach peak color, the harvest of apples and pumpkins. lets see the Pictures of the dedicated autumn in all its manifestations.

1. Statue of Soviet times “Bather”, crowned by a wreath of autumn leaves in Gorky Park, Moscow – 8 October 2011.
s f02 RTR2QXT3 autumn in the air2. Dragonfly in the wheat spikelet. The picture was taken at sunset in Alberta, Canada, September 7, 2011.
s f03 26,136,299 in the air fall3. Autumn forest near the town of Lutsen, Minn., September 26, 2011.
4. Leaf in a pond in the recreation park named after SM Kirov in St. Petersburg, October 9, 2011.
s f05 27,613,752 in the air fall5. A man with his dog in a haze of morning fog in Hampstead Heath, 30 September 2011 in London.
s f06 17,024,397 in the air fall6. The harvest of apples in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Boxes of fruit varieties Jonagold waiting in the wings to become a cider. The picture was taken in the town of Markham, Va., September 17, 2011.
7. A man herding cows on the “Klausenalm”, near the village of Ginzling in the Austrian province of Tyrol, September 23, 2011. Traditionally, in the early fall, farmers drive their cattle to mountain pastures in the valley.
s f08 28,799,227 in the air fall8. Visitors looking at “artifacts” on display of pumpkins, which takes place on a farm Buschmann and Winkelmann October 9, 2011 in the German city Bilits. Farm located in Brandenburg, near Berlin, every year they brings a crop of thousands of pumpkins for about 40 different varieties in the period between August and October, and this is known for its large-scale exhibitions of pumpkins.
s f09 28,810,570 in the air fall9. The male deer in the thickets of ferns at sunrise during the fall rut in Richmond Park October 10, 2011 in London.
s f10 04,182,601 in the air fall10. The ship – in the port – Cook Inlet, about 60 kilometers north-west of the city of Anchorage, Alaska. In the background – Mount Sasitna, also known as the Sleeping Lady. Photo taken on October 4, 2011.
11. Trees in autumn attire along with the road near Schroeder, Minnesota, September 25, 2011.
s f12 22,379,497 in the air fall12. The World Cup of diving in a bog snorkelling, August 28, 2011 in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales. In 2012, just after the Olympic Games in London – Llanwrtyd Wells will be the world’s first alternative games.
s f13 30,120,628 in the air fall13. Tourists toast in a tent on the last day Schuetzen Oktoberfest in Munich. 178th Oktoberfest ended October 3, 2011.
s f14 RTR2SG94 autumn in the air14. Tom Lishness in his boat, made from a giant pumpkin regatta during Pumpkinboat Regatta in Damariskotta, Maine, October 9, 2011.
s f15 00,130,327 in the air fall15. A carpet of fallen maple leaves on the lawn across the street from First Baptist Church Kingfild, Maine, September 30, 2011. s f16 23,981,457 in the air fall16. Autumn leaf in God Moseley, September 7, 2011 in Birmingham, England.
s f17 26,136,562 in the air fall17. Autumn Forest near Lutsen, Minnesota, September 26, 2011.
s f18 04,164,252 in the air fall18. Miguel Sandel from Middlesbrough, Massachusetts cranberries harvested on plantations Hannula in Carver, Massachusetts, October 4, 2011. Massachusetts farmers have collected a huge harvest of cranberries in the fall. s f19 29,050,885 in the air fall19. A fisherman casts a fishing rod in Coeur d’Alene River near Kingston, Idaho, September 29, 2011.
s f20 10,146,228 in the air fall20. The kids from kindergarten schools Growing Place Preschool in Huntington, Indiana, enjoying a walk October 10, 2011.
s f21 21,071,962 in the air fall21. Judith Espinosa, left, and her daughter, Marianne Gonzalez picking vegetables from the farm Pyrah’s Pioneer near Palmer, Alaska, on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.
s f22 RTR2RWRZ autumn in the air22. Swan swimming in a pond of one of the parks in the city of Stavropol, September 27, 2011.
2336 autumn in the air23. The leaves are stuck to the pavement in a street in London on 5 October 2011. The combination of unusually high temperatures and early autumn leaf fall to create a sticky non-slip section of asphalt streets this unusual collage of autumn leaves.
s f24 00,516,930 in the air fall24. John Davis of Delaware, Ohio, harvested soybean field on his farm, October 5, 2011.
s f25 RTR2S1EC autumn in the air25. Girl in a wreath of autumn leaves take part in a procession during the harvest festival “Dozhinki-2011” in the Belarusian town of Molodechno September 30, 2011.
s f26 16,018,010 in the air fall26. The sun illuminates the fungus 13 centimeters in height in Winslow Park in Freeport, Maine, September 16, 2011. Due to the coolness and moisture of the autumn woods of Maine abound in fungi.
s f27 28,291,033 in the air fall27. A boy plays with a dog lying on a carpet of autumn leaves in the center of Minsk, October 6, 2011.
s f28 27,031,143 in the air fall28. A flock of geese on the lake in East Anchorage Cheney September 27, 2011. These birds have started an annual seasonal migration to the south.
s f29 28,799,075 in the air fall29. A woman walks along the bridge on the lake near Spitzingsee eponymous village in the Alps, southern Germany, on October 9, 2011, the first snow of this season.
s f30 28,810,576 in the air fall30. The bird flies away after attempting to land on the horns of a deer, resting during the fall rut in Richmond Park October 10, 2011 in London.
s f31 10,142,979 in the air fall31. Leonardo Urena rejoices after his pumpkin grown was declared the winner at the Festival of giant pumpkins in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Monday, October 10, 2011. Weight of this pumpkin is 772 pounds, diameter – 4,95 meters.
s f32 29,128,830 in the air fall32. An eighth-grader Alex Pearson is working on homework on prosody at Mount Casper, September 29, 2011 in Casper, Wyoming.
s f33 28,799,146 in the air fall33. 10-year-old Stella (left) and her 8-year-old sister, Mikey, during the festival of pumpkins on a farm Buschmann and Winkelmann October 9, 2011 in the German city Bilits.
s f34 RTR2RWIM autumn in the air34. Collection of grapes for wine production during the harvest in the vineyards in the village of Tenuta dell’Ornellaia Castagneto Carducci in Tuscany, September 21, 2011.
s f35 22,076,580 in the air fall35. Harvested in a vineyard in the valley in Makinau , Illinois, September 22, 2011.
s f36 05,036,459 in the air fall36. A couple walking in a Moscow park Kolomenskaya October 5, 2011.
s f37 00,130,336 in the air fall37. Maple leaves in Freeport, Maine, September 30, 2011.
s f38 27,186,038 in the air fall38. Darted across the highway moose, September 27, 2011 on Arctic Great Road in Anchorage, Alaska.
s f39 26,043,776 in the air fall39. 9-month-old Charlotte Lindhorst Patterson playing in Fruit Farm – Chesterlend, Ohio, September 26, 2011.

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