A Look of Atlantic City


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Atlantic City is known worldwide for its casino, gambling, beaches, shopping malls, excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

1. Boardwalk

Atlantic City  Four miles of white, sandy beach, the Atlantic City lies along the world famous area «Boardwalk» with its shops, casinos, restaurants and entertainment.

2. The Steel Pier

Atlantic City  Ferris Wheel «The Steel Pier» is one of the best attractions in the area.

 3. Club Mix

Atlantic City  A nightclub in the hotel, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

4. Casino

Atlantic City Casinos «Caesar» in Atlantic City.

5. Airshow

Atlantic City Airshow «Thunder Over The Boardwalk” is one of the most popular events in Atlantic City.

6. Believe It or Not

Atlantic City The Museum Ripley «Believe It or Not», located in Atlantic City in the «Boardwalk», collected the most unusual, fascinating and bizarre exhibits in the world.

7. Pool

Atlantic City If you are not attracted by the ocean, you can always go for a swim in the pool. This is especially for true lovers of comfort.

8. Rolling chairs

Atlantic City  “Rolling chairs” have appeared in Atlantic City in 1887. Today they are a constant attraction for visitors.

9. Absecon Lighthouse Museum

Atlantic City  Museum «Absecon Lighthouse Museum” in Atlantic City

10. Twist

Atlantic City  One of the characters in Atlantic City, it was a twist.

 11. Cruises

Atlantic City Atlantic City Cruises offers daily sightseeing, including dolphin watching. Also offers cocktail cruises, private parties and corporate trips.

12. Elephant Lucy

Atlantic City Enjoy a trip inside the elephant’s Lucy, or visit the gift shop.

13. The Walk

Atlantic City  The Walk, proposes to make purchases throughout the year without a break.

14. Korean War Memorial

Atlantic City
 Memorial is in memory of the Korean War was built in New Jersey in 2000.

15. Windmills in Atlantic City

Atlantic City  Windmills in Atlantic City, silhouetted against a beautiful sunset.

16. White House Sub Shop

Atlantic City

The famous restaurant has lots of fans «White House Sub Shop» with Frank Sinatra and George Clooney .


17. Taj Mahal

Atlantic City Lights of Liberty can be seen on Trump Hotel «Taj Mahal» July 26, 2003.

18. Beach

Atlantic CityTourists on the beach next to a casino in Atlantic City.


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