Rooftop ceiling lights by the German company Lightboys


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Now look at the ceiling only if the person so there is nothing to do, so that even the boring pastime somehow dilutes the depression. But thanks to the device Rooftop ceiling lights is a word will gain a new, much more positive and full of meaning!

Designers are now probably more than ever before have begun to pay attention to the ceiling. This is especially true for manufacturers of machinery – SlashGear for domestic use. For example, in recent months we saw a cloud of virtual office of the Fraunhofer Institute and the air conditioner with visual effects Water Wave . That in order to make the ceiling more interesting and unusual, and created a device called Rooftop ceiling lights.

Rooftop ceiling lights produced by the German company Lightboys. This device is a board thickness of 44 mm, which is attached to the ceiling, as well as the device, projecting a different image on it, mostly, different types of ceilings.

That is, sitting at home and looking at the ceiling, you may well experience the feeling that at this time are somewhere in a medieval castle, in a luxurious palace, the cathedral, the museum or in a disco club. All of these options, as well as many others are available in the preset embodiment Rooftop ceiling lights. It is realized in the form of high resolution photos.

Rooftop ceiling lights – a great way to relax in stressful moments, such as to diversify the visual component of their lives. And install it no problem, both at home and office.

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