“Pocket” Basic House project of the Spanish designer Martin Azua


February 3, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

“Pocket” house – this is not a breakthrough in nanotechnology, and a fantastic invention of Japanese developers. This is a project of the Spanish designer Martin Azua , which is called the Basic House is an inflatable shelter of refuge.

Basic House Folding House is made of metallized polyester, which reacts to heat, and immediately straightened, blown up, is just to get him out of his pocket and begin to expand. Acceptance of the material responds as a warm human body, and in the sunlight.

Because an inflatable two-way house in the summer it is cool, because one side reflects the sunlight in the winter – not cold, because the other side of the reflecting body heat. The more people inside, in order to be warmer.

Living in the Basic House, of course, does not work, but as a tent to rest or shelter during a disaster, this pocket-sized home can come in handy.

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