Activator PC – A Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Game console, PDA, Tamagotchi


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A computer can have many guises – desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, game console, PDA, Tamagotchi, in the end. But always it is a specific device, which, at least you can touch. But the designers Zhong-fa Lie and Yoori Koo presented a concept called Activator PC from the very very distant future. It is a computer that is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere specifically!

To be more precise, the Activator PC still will have its actual appearance. Here it should only act on the principle of a magic wand. At least that is how it looks now. However, as expected Zhong-fa Lie and Yoori Koo, in the distant future, technology will enable them to realize the concept, to realize their idea into reality. And the essence of Activator PC is that it can be used to materialize the computer or its separate part, in any place at any time out of thin air.

It will be enough to draw with Activator PC in a space of paths necessary for you gadget, and it immediately appears. However, as visualized hologram, not a device that can be touched. However, the full work will be possible with such a “devaysom.”

However, on gologramu Activator PC will be similar only in appearance. In fact, for his appearance will meet the smart particles. Apparently, these particles will be in the most “magic wand” devaysa Activator PC. Here they are – the future of cloud computing! Activator PC – a device that, if there will forever change the world. It will make it even more digital and give people more opportunities for communication, information access, computing and entertainment.

And I must say that of all the “magic wands” that we’ve seen on this site (gadgets with names Thimble , Magic Wand Kymera ,Traccia and iStraw ), Activator PC – this is the most unusual and interesting, but at the same unreal device! At least for now.

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