Elegant Light Tree Of Life in a blossoming fruit tree from Victor Vetterlein


February 4, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Elegant Light Tree Of Life in a blossoming fruit tree presented to the public the designer Victor Vetterlein from New York. The stylish minimalism, which is still in vogue, as well as form, presented to the beauty of nature, surely fans will enjoy delicious, not pretentious household items.

Name of the project in the translation sounds like “The Tree of Life,” but in reality Tree Of Life is more like an apple tree with five golden apples on each tree. In the off state, this design is a nice decorative desk sculpture. If you enable it, “Apples” will shed some light on the book or paper, or other work that is currently on the table.

Thanks to the copper base, lamp boasts flexibility and obediently tilted in the right direction. A simple and slim silhouette Tree Of Life will devaysu organic look both at the office desk of an important chief, and at the bedside or coffee table. More information about the project – on site Victor Vetterlein ( http://victorvetterlein.com ).

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