Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg – the world’s largest miniature railway system


February 4, 2012ArtNo comments

The word “miniature” certainly not associated with something big and ambitious. But this is not an order for the masters who have created a miniature world of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg. This exposition has become the world’s largest model railway!

Fans of toy railroads could already be seen on our website interesting new items for yourself, for example, a coffee table Coffee Table Train. But it was only a primer before the subject, about which we will describe today. After all, Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg – the world’s largest miniature railway.

Rather, Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg – is a world city with a large-scale neighborhoods, built in a small amount on the area of ​​1380 square meters. At the site there is the city’s neighborhoods, filled with objects and people, there is great beauty of natural scenery with plants and animals, rugged and diverse objects: rocks, caves, waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

This world is inhabited by hundreds if not thousands of people, each of which is an occupation. Someone is playing football at the stadium, someone is a fan of his favorites in the stands, someone with a broom and shovel removes the street, someone unloads a car drove up to the store, someone removes the television program on the streets of the city, who- it paints a picture in the alley artists.

But the main “chip» Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg is a model railway that runs through all of these objects. Rather, the whole extensive railway network in which a miniature train go.

Infrastructure it is amazing. This railway connects the towns and villages of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, passes through the most interesting and “beautiful” place of exhibition. Station is in the “capital” described the toy world is a huge (by the standards of a miniature, of course) with a confusing set of roadway development, multiple platforms and trains arriving at them and after a while left to go to once their circle of fairyland.

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