“The sleeping bag – the best friend of the student”: Winners of Collab Student Design Competition


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Student life is unpredictable. You never know exactly where you will sleep tonight. So any student’s best friend – a comfortable sleeping bag . At least, the conclusion made ​​by the organizers of the contest of young designers Collab Student Design Competition and offered young participants to construct a nontrivial model of this useful device. About the most creative “prize” for the invention of a “spontaneous sleep” read below.

The annual competition for young designers Collab Student Design Competition is held with the participation of the Philadelphia Museum of Art . The main themes of the last contest began Urbanism, the movement and the youth. Quintessence of the organizers saw these concepts, for some reason, in sleeping bags. This “other party-goers” and focused on 115 students’ projects from seven U.S. design schools. But three prizes went to pupils of the same alma matter – the famous Art College, Pratt Institute , in New York. First place was awarded to a student on exchange from Germany Terhedibrugge Sylvia (Silvia Terhedebrugge) . Her project, entitledUndercover OverNight (headword pictured) will become an indispensable companion for a young girl who loves parties and nightly gatherings with friends. Sleeping bag, and bag for necessities successfully disguised as a stylish cape with a hood and two huge pockets: the first – from the outside, and the second secret – inside. UnderCover OverNight looks pretty in youth.

Second place, too, took a German Boill Elisa (Elisa Boell) . The work of Miss Boill Urban Bundle – rather, it is not a sleeping bag, pillow and versatile portable, which is also the bag. Adaptation of the three branches rolled into a compact soft cushion, which is lightweight and takes up very little space. So you can always throw in any student’s bag.

But the most interesting project was Amethyst authorship Janine Wu (Wu Jeanine) . It is hard to guess that this unusual knitted accessory, reminiscent of the avant-garde scarf into a soft towel, large enough that it can be used as a sleeping bag. In the collapsed state in Amethyst also has another property that is worthy of attention: it is knitwear “spit” back support and they can also turn hot and cold compresses to treat pain in the neck and waist.

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