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Fasting begins a short essay photographer Reuters Jason Lee. Lee took a picture of a 6-year Gensyana Wang, known as “The Boy in the mask.” Gensyan badly damaged in the incident with the burning haystack last winter. Most of the boy’s scalp burned, because of what he has to wear a surgical mask to protect his scars from infection.

According to local media in a village boy, doctors can not continue to transplant skin until it recovers the damaged trachea. Further, in the post is black slide that you paused and tuned to pictures of everyday life of the mysterious China.


Everyday Life in China1. Wang Gensyan Children’s Day on 1 June. 6-year Gensyan badly burned.

Everyday Life in China2. Wang Wang Shouvu helps her son to wear a mask when sleeping. The mask protects the boy’s scars from infection.

Everyday Life in China3. A six year old Wang Gensyan corrects net mask, which was succeeded by his father. Physicians can not continue to transplant skin, while the boy did not recover the damaged trachea.

Everyday Life in China4. Wang Gensyan with bowls for dinner in the village Mitszyachzhuan, where he lives with his father, on the outskirts Fenyana, Shanxi Province.

Everyday Life in China5. The father of six feeds Wang Gensyana breakfast in the yard.

Everyday Life in China6. Head of the local kindergarten Gensyana stops at the entrance to the garden. Gensyanu not allowed to go to kindergarten for his own safety, but also because of how his presence might affect other children. He can play in the garden only during short visits under the supervision of cameras.


Everyday Life in China7. Wang Gensyan plays with a boy in kindergarten.

Everyday Life in China8. Wang played with a girl in daylight. (Jason Lee / Reuters)

Everyday Life in China9. Wang Gensyan with his father in the yard of their home.

Everyday Life in China10. Wang Shouvu inflates the balloon for her son.

Everyday Life in China11. Wang Gensyan side of the road plays with himself.

Everyday Life in China12. Wang in his bedroom. Further grafting of the scalp for a boy suspended until it recovers the trachea.

Everyday Life in China13. Wang on the bike his father in the yard of their home.


Everyday Life in China14. Wang plays himself in the alley of the village Mitszichzhan.

Everyday Life in China15.

Everyday Life in China16. Newlyweds on the streets of Shanghai.

Everyday Life in China17. The girl sends kiss beluga aquarium in Dalian, Liaoning Province.

Everyday Life in China18. Performers at the opening ceremony of 13th Beijing International Tourism Festival.

Everyday Life in China19. Dancers at the event in honor of the 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities Guiyang.

Everyday Life in China20. Visitors to the maze on the eve of 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities Guiyang.

Everyday Life in China21. Girls perform a dance at the opening ceremony of 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities Guiyang.

Everyday Life in China22. The workers are working on a building in the shape of a huge lamp next to a portrait of Mao Zedong and the Chinese national flag at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. A growing number of Chinese attempts to stand for election as independent candidates, but they have already encountered difficulties, since the Chinese Communist Party is trying to prevent any threat to their monopoly power.

Everyday Life in China23. Ethnic minority women at an event in honor of the 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities Guiyang.

Everyday Life in China24. A dancer at an event in honor of the 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities Guiyang.

Everyday Life in China25. Chinese school girls at an event in honor of the 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities Guiyang.

Everyday Life in China26. The teacher covers the child with a blanket during daytime sleep an hour in the kindergarten in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province.

Everyday Life in China27. The Chinese are working on a plastinated human body in the studio bio-tech company in Dalian. Founded by Dr. Sui Honchzhinom in 2004, the company «Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co. Ltd. »Is known for its production, preservation and exhibition of plastinated animals and humans. All samples, including whole bodies and parts, as well as transparent pieces of bodies, are working up to 4 specialists within 8-12 hours, carefully dissect and retain visitors to the exhibition could see the nerves, muscles, circular, respiratory and digestive systems.

Everyday Life in China28. Workers raise the carcass of a shark tank with adhesive, where he spent 50 days in the studio of the company «Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co. Ltd. ».

Everyday Life in China29. Sportswoman of bamboo during the competition’s National na9 traditional games for ethnic minorities in Guiyang.

Everyday Life in China30. Performers at the event in honor of the 9th National Games for traditional ethnic minorities in Guiyang.Everyday Life in China31. Girl of the statues of horses, established in honor of Genghis Khan, whose tomb is nearby allegedly in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. The city, which is called “ghost town” because of the lack of inhabitants, is built for 1 million people, and the locals have nicknamed it “Dubai China.”

Everyday Life in China32. The boy with the breeze in a park in Beijing.

Everyday Life in China33. The girl in front of huge lanterns on display lights in Victoria Park in Hong Kong. The exhibition was held in honor of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival.

Everyday Life in China34. Dancers at the opening ceremony of 9th National Traditional Games of ethnic minorities in Guiyang.

Everyday Life in China35. Alistair Brownlee of Great Britain and the rest of the swimmers in the early 2011 Dextro triathlon in Beijing.

Everyday Life in China36. Athletes speeding down the streets of Beijing during the World Cup triathlon among women under 23 years old.

Everyday Life in China37. Students during a rehearsal before a religious ceremony in the class Catholic Church in the village Liue. Liue – odih of the largest parishes in China, where about 90% of the population to be Catholic.

Everyday Life in China38. The man in the anticipation of Catholic life in the village Liue.

Everyday Life in China39. Passer-by on the background of decorative lamps, prepared for the Lunar Festival in the Park Hong Kong. The Chinese all over the world celebrate this festival on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. The festival began as a harvest festival in ancient China, it is also a symbol of the overthrow of Mongol rule during the reign of Yuan Dynasty.

Everyday Life in China40. Merchant against piles of watermelons at the Chinese market in Hefei.

Everyday Life in China41. A man has just bought a pig in the truck at the fair livestock on the outskirts of Shenyang.

Everyday Life in China42. Chinese merchant ship on a motorcycle pig carcass in a slaughterhouse in Hefei. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the government is seeking ways to motivate farmers to breed pigs in order to stabilize the price of pork – the main type of meat consumed in China. Second in size in the world economy can not yet control the growth of prices in the country and fears that the country could start riots.

Everyday Life in China43. Agent against the backdrop of an empty house in the new district of Shanghai. Record-high, but still rising house prices have led many economists to express concern that China is growing “housing bubble”, which, if exploded, could undermine the second largest in the world economy.Everyday Life in China44. Builders of the new district of Shanghai. China’s campaign to strengthen the real estate market can not continue, because the country can not afford to cover the demand for housing.

Everyday Life in China45. Visitors look at a group of portraits of politicians on the show in Taiyuan.

Everyday Life in China46. Freshmen parents are sleeping on mats on the floor of the gym at the University of Wuhan. About 600 parents came with their children on the first day of school to the university.

Everyday Life in China47. Merchant eggs in anticipation of buyers in the wholesale market in Hefei.

Everyday Life in China48. A fisherman collects dead fish in the fishing industry in the county Shuikou Gutian. Local authorities are investigating the cause of the mass murder of millions of fish in the pond rybhozyaystvah.

Everyday Life in China49. Cultured freshwater pearls at a factory in Zhuji. The city is trying to become an international manufacturer and distributor of farmed freshwater pearls.Production of pearls in the city goes back to the 1970s and now approximately 60% of the Chinese market and 30% of the world is filled with pearls produced in Zhuji.

Everyday Life in China50. The garbage collector looks at the urn in Shanghai.

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