Metropolitan Station 20 – Luminous and Translucent Metro Station in Sofia, Bulgaria

Amazing rapid project called Metropolitan Station 20 is proposed appearance of one of the metro stations in Sofia (Bulgaria) by experts from the American architectural studio Zeybekoglu Nayman Associates.

The project aims to intensively use the relationship between metro and urban infrastructure, bringing her impressive dynamics of the new type.

Glass ‘spine’ covering space, located below ground level, designed to ensure that the interior of the station as soon as possible bolsheim amount of daylight.

According to the authors of the project, the use of natural daylight as architectural design, promotes the most efficient orientation for passengers and gives them a sense of security.

This effect adds to the atmosphere the air station, a sense of the color of the sky. Descending into the subway is designed as a stylish contemporary additions to the street life that flows above. Public Space Station provides a place where you can relax, shop, and the structure of public power.

This unique project shows the spatial coherence between the two worlds, located above and below. Elegantly geometry shapes of glass define the contemporary sculptural trends of new generation architectures. During the day the premises of the station receives natural sunlight, while at night artificial light coming from inside the station becomes part of the urban fabric of the landscape lighting. with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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