SolarWorld GT – a Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle


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It is believed that electric vehicles can not travel far, so they – the ideal transport for the city, economical and environmentally friendly, but almost useless for long distance travel. But this statement is true only in relation to those electric cars that get energy from the battery. It is quite another thing – a solar-powered electric vehicles! They are all around the world can overtake! At least, it’s going to make the crew of the car SolarWorld GT.

In the warm Australian solar-powered electric vehicles are very popular. Among them there are even special race, the winner of which have already been two years in a row becomes a machine Sunswift IVY . The other Australian solar car threatens to beat the worldwide fame of his “countrymen.” SolarWorld GT, on the idea of its founders, must overtake around the world!

SolarWorld GT launched in December of 2011 in the Australian city of Darwin. After passing through the southern continent, the electric car has arrived in early February of 2012 on the ship in the U.S.. In the U.S. it starts its way into the city of Half Moon Bay in California, and near the end of March, forty-nine days later, it will have on the Atlantic coast, in Florida.

From there, SolarWorld GT will go on the water (on the ship, of course, not swimming!) In Europe, then in Africa, and from there to Asia to the Pacific Ocean. In Australia, solar electric car, scheduled to return in December of 2012, a year after the trip.

SolarWorld GT creators plan, that their child will travel in this time of more than 30,000 kilometers, thus going around the Earth. And all this distance to be overcome by them solely on solar power, without the use of other energy sources.

The main objective of the project SolarWorld GT – show the world the possibility of cars while driving on solar energy, to break the world’s stereotype of electric cars as a transport for short trips.

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