More “Advanced” innovative Urns Renew Bin, London


February 6, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

The latest technology prevails everywhere – even to the city’s ballot boxes arrived. At the time we wrote about the urn lamp-City Context , which supports and purity, and street lights. More recently, it was announced that London will soon equip the streets far more “advanced” innovative urns Renew Bin , the cost of which exceeds 45 thousand dollars.

These boxes, which release is timed to the Olympic Games 2012 – the work of designers and developers of Renew. Why release, and not the creation? The fact that the project has long been written and compiled, only there was no case to present it to the public. But at last came the hour of this project, and by the summer party of ballot boxes will take its place on the streets of the British capital.

Equipped with large LCD displays, ballot boxes will serve as the city Informer. And any time you can see the weather forecast and currency exchange rates, stock quotes and scheduling of aircraft, as well as cultural news, politics, and of course sports. In addition, the boxes should be equipped with access points to the wi-fi, which will help residents and visitors to be online at any time.

It is expected that 75 boxes of innovative Renew Bin will appear in the summer, the beginning of the Olympic Games, which will be 30 in a row – jubilee.

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