Play Motorola – a phone without a Single button


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Motorola is still alive and ready for challenges. Of course, in recent years of her innovations was not loud. But things can rectify in the near future. Perhaps her new breakthrough in the market will be a mobile phone Motorola Play with the original, not previously encountered the type of housing.

Several months ago we were talking about an unusual mobile phone Moto ACTV , designed specifically for sports, active people. Motorola Play is designed for a similar, yet slightly different audience. This is a gadget for the young people who are not lazy to use all the features of the digital world. Developed the concept of this device Krymov Cyril (Kirill Krymov) in conjunction with Korean designers Motorola. Play Motorola – a phone without a single button. Most of its functions is controlled by touch screen, large enough and wide to watch the video and surfing the Internet. Of course, it is possible, and multitouch.

Moreover, Motorola Play – a kind of slider. But the secret of moving parts does not screen or keyboard, a 7-mimegapikselnuyu camera, hidden beneath the rear of the unit. Parting them, the user will receive a Motorola Play on two sides of the phone, shall we say, “flap”. The elements are quite functional. The right one can be used as a camera shutter, left – to control the camera zoom.

Controlled by the same phone as the Motorola Play may be using a touch screen and gestures – it allows a camera mounted on the front panel. Charge Motorola Play will take place without contact, with a device that uses electromagnetic induction.

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