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February 6, 2012Miscellaneous1 Comment

A drop of water and the subsequent surge – of a second, almost invisible to people. But a few years ago, drops and bursts of inspired designer Michael L. Wendel on the creation of chairs droplets for home relaxation. Multifunctional furniture Splash from company B-Line will also attractive in appearance, and useful for work and leisure.

Inspiration is in the details, the author believes the project Kristian Aus. To create a creative collection of furniture inspired by its Splash raindrops drumming on the puddles. This is not a crown, a form which I used as a prototype. This figure, which is formed by a drop falling into water from a height – a splash. You’ve probably seen similar to macro photography water drops.

Multi-functional furniture “splash” from designer Christian Aus is a bright, original chair-shifter. According to the author, this object can be converted into a low stool, small table, and even a laundry basket, a vase, or “house” for a pet. Bright chairs, coffee tables made of a material such as polyethylene, which is easy to stand up and heat and cold, easy to clean and just as easy to move from place to place because of its weight – only 3.7 kg. However, this kid, reaching 42 cm in height, able to withstand a substantial load of 100 kg.

And whether it will be a table or stool, if it will plant a cactus or a four-footed friend will give this page in a house – bright colorful chairs and Splash will be useful in the home and outdoors, both for leisure and for work, leaving no one indifferent .

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  1. Christine says:

    Where can I purchase the Splash Stools? I need 3 of them.
    Thank you

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