Gloves that keep hands warm even in the fiercest frosts


February 6, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Fashion – fashion, but cold is cold. And it would be desirable to look stylish in any weather conditions, cold cyclone, which came uninvited guest in our region, dictates the “fashionable” conditions. And most important of them – dress warmly as possible. It must be some designers have the gift of foresight and increased meteosensitivity at the end of 2011 there was a lot of different options for clothing and accessories with heating . Among them are the warmest gloves, Ultimate , which is not afraid of even our cold.

These gloves will keep hands warm even in the fiercest frosts. The thing heating system, which offers four comfortable temperature levels: from subtle warming to “weak” cold to the tangible effect. They feed on these warmers for hands on two thin batteries, hidden in a small box. One charge lasts for eight hours. An indicator is a button with the diode, located on the mount.

The developers are also in full praise leather gloves in the surface of the palms, which provides greater flexibility of action and good adhesion. The latter should especially appreciate the skiers.

It is the winter sports fans are betting manufacturers heated gloves. And the price set suitable to an expensive outfit – $ 159 per pair.Sadly only that more and more real buyers have expressed their displeasure in the comments by one fact: not so Ultimate, and save from frost, as promised.

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