Schonberg Residence – a Unique Structure of the Architectural studio of American Dialect Design Architects

Schonberg Residence – a unique structure of the architectural studio of American Dialect Design Architects , has long been suspended over the existing garage is quite a traditional home.

The unusual house designed for the life of one family, located in Charlotte, NC (North Carolina, USA) and breaks all the conventions and architectural “convention” of the area.

An ingenious use of simple, complementary shapes and bright colors is rather complex and creates a fresh look at the living space.

The integration of built-in furniture and the library is so harmonious, that is by forming a non-trivial boundaries of the suspended home.

This rational and creative project is a fount of innovation – simple, warm, intelligent, cheerful and purposeful at the same time!

With creativity avitorov groundbreaking project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, headquartered in Charlotte:

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