Sapphire cabinet – a Psychedelic Room for Home and Office

Swedish designer Markus Johansson has developed office Sapphire Cabinet , participating in the exhibition Stockholm Furniture Fair, which will begin its work next week.

Presented furniture offers a fascinating pattern – a playful and expressive. This cheerful design is both beautiful and extravagant visual effects and functional interest.

In addition, the exclusive interior element is both tough, brave and it may be appropriate as a unit and as part of the composition of additional elements accompanying developed a talented designer collection.

Office or home office completely transformed from the psychedelic geometric patterns and bright colors of the proposed designer palette, complemented by exotic predmetpmi decor.

Furniture is made of painted MDF using methods of digital programming. Supporting material in the manufacture of the collection was birch.

With the creativity of the author’s collection can be found by visiting the official studio designer, headquartered in Stockholm:

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