House A – a Unique Minimalist house

A unique minimalist house House A – the project redevelopment apartments, located in Kattenburge – one of the areas of Amsterdam (Netherlands), carried out by the Dutch architectural studio of Laura Alvarez Architecture.

Bright, spacious and most environmentally friendly space – the three components, which was created around the concept of design that, at first glance, cold lifeless space.

Architects reconstructed apartment was built in the 70s of last century, in a very quiet and green area, located in the heart of Amsterdam.

South-east orientation of the house provides its inhabitants enjoy the fantastic views of the garden and the perfect conditions for a sufficient amount of natural daylight.

Space was organized very efficiently: a wooden cabinet separates the functions of the day or night. It contains all the office space, storage, wardrobe, toilet, boiler, etc. By concentrating all the elements in an isolated way space, decorated with “live” in light wood, the general public and private premises are bright and spacious.

However, white walls, ceilings, floors, and bright red accents furniture and decor can also help preserve open space quite effectively at the level of sensations.

Bathroom is located between two bedrooms. Thus, it receives natural light from both sides. In addition, a small wooden box it offers a picturesque garden.

All the traditional door of the house were removed and replaced with sliding systems. By doing so, the architects have provided users with the flexibility and effectiveness of door opening, and connect all the spaces in almost a whole or on the contrary, their isolation and segmentation.

Older, previously decorate ceilings have been removed and so we see no covered pipes – as a reminder of past and current element of modern interior design aesthetics.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the Amsterdam architectural studio:

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