“Reincarnated” Stylish bags and backpacks from the label Mariclaro


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Have you ever wondered where do old bags, car seat upholstery, and other necessary items at one time? Probably not: served his, well and good. Here is a small company of Canadian origin Mariclaro knows that nothing disappears without a trace, “second-hand” padding and parts can easily get a new life. And for his loyal service would be “reincarnated” in stylish bags and backpacks.

Manufacturer of accessories from Toronto Mariclaro at home is very well known, loved and respected. And all because the designers do a good job and make it stylish: recycle old tarpaulins, upholstery, torn sails, unexploded airbags, seat belts and even a bicycle tube (and a lot of other equally strange things), making unnecessary trash bags in various calibers functional, durable backpacks and blankets for gadgets.

In Mariclaro proud that their accessories are made of 99 percent recycled materials. A percentage of the remainder – a logo, which is still not possible to subject the recycling that unspeakably sad designers.

For fans of expensive cars offer Canadians a special line of bags made from upholstery of old Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Mercedes. Each accessory is attached to the warranty year and pictures of real models of cars, “innards” of which he served as the material.

Mariclaro – still quite a young company, there are only a couple of years. But that has not stopped her in the past 2011th win a prize Globe Award for Environmental Excellence for the best “green” products made ​​in Canada.

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