Round-the-Clock on the Koros Benedek


February 7, 2012Miscellaneous2 Comments

We’ve seen a lot of the original measure, to the best of the strange concepts hours. Typically designers follow a principle: the more complex and confusing, “Anatomy” devaysa, the better. Although there are in the majority of these sites have something in common. First, they are created with the aim, rather, surprise everyone and bring aesthetic pleasure to the owner than to show the exact time. And, secondly, design execution is usually indulge in “advanced” electronic watch. But not even Perevi interesting mechanical model. Such as Round-the-Clock.

Even today, indiscriminate worship of “apple” gadgets and other technical innovations stuffed, people can still surprise the good old mechanics. The concept of creative hours Round-the-Clock on the Koros Benedek – a bet on the aesthetic and elegant appearance.The formula looks like this: Beauty + + easy to use rotation.

Title hours Round-the-Clock – very telling. Accessory is an elegant bracelet made of stainless steel, plastic and rubber with a diameter of 75 millimeters (fun, but the scale indicated in the drawing – 750, which caused a lot of puzzling comments on the official website of the concept). Its main advantage is represented by three rotating rings, each of which displays hours, minutes and seconds, respectively, as well as “static” arrow – the division into steel.

Benefits Round-the-Clock is obvious – a stylish and expensive appearance, ease of determining the exact time. But the main drawback can be massive and some stiffness in his movements, familiar to women who love to wear bracelets heavier.

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  1. worldclock says:

    Round-the-Clock on the Koros Benedek – just great!

  2. world clock says:

    Round-the-Clock on the Koros Benedek – just great!

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