A Recreational Island – an artificial Island

Many people dream of their own island, located somewhere in the warm seas. Some even buy yachts specifically to at least in this form to realize this dream. A Recreational Island – is an artificial island , which may be a continuation of the yacht.

We did an overview of man-made islands that appear here and there in the southern latitudes. But Recreational Island can materialize anywhere. Moreover, it can move from place to place, though not by their own efforts. Recreational Island has a very modest size – eight to ten meters. This is enough to relax – there you can set the deck chairs, umbrellas, tables, chairs, and even build a small hut. Fresh water and batteries at the same time kept in the very design of man-made island.

But in the folded state Recreational Island is even smaller sizes, it is quite comparable with the cargo container. So this “island” is not in season can be stored anywhere in the warehouse at the port. A few weeks before the start of the holiday should only give the go-ahead, and Recreational Island will be moved to the desired location on a cargo ship. You can also attach Recreational Island to the yacht, thereby increasing its area. At the same time the island itself can serve as a beach, a place for parties or a helipad.

So far, there are Recreational Island only as a project. But there are investors ready to invest in the implementation of this very promising idea. Island-transformer! This has not happened! We also consider the possibility of creating options for Recreational Island, not intended for private use, and for the hotel business and military purposes.

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