Blind Passangers Turns the Machine into a small museum on Wheels


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It just so happened that in the majority of motorists traveling traveling alone. Some refer to this fine, but someone apparently complex. But for those drivers and created fake passengers Passangers Blind.

Recently we told you about a group of Israeli students, who by order of General Motors has created a technology called WOO, which turns the rear window of the car into an interactive screen. But German designers Appelius Julian (Julian Appelius) and Karen Olze  have created a much simpler device for the same place.

Blind Passangers turns the machine into a small museum on wheels, visitors who become pedestrians and passengers of cars that have witnessed this spectacle. Agree, very unusual to see in the back window of a passing car is not a person or a dog, a girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer or a Raphael cherub.

That is set in a small window of reproduction of famous paintings and offer creators Blind Passangers. The set consists of six world-famous works of art. In addition to the three above-mentioned films (a girl and two cherubim), it includes a bust of Nefertiti, “Portrait of a Young Woman” by Sandro Botticelli, and “Spring” by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Each of the above reproductions has dimensions 43 by 36 inches, and, therefore, easily fits in the back seat car window. The dark background, which marked the image, creating the impression that the characters on them, in fact, go in the car behind the driver.

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