An Innovative residential house designed architectural studio Philipp Ohnesorge, “undersized,” Vienna (Austria)

This innovative residential house designed architectural studio Philipp Ohnesorge , to be built in Vienna (Austria). The project is planned in close proximity to the city center with its historic buildings and landmarks.

At this point, the place of the future construction of a void gaping in the urban fabric that you want to “mend”, making it elegant and futuristic. Now this piece of land used as car parking, representing an unforgivable for metropolitan consumption of precious space.

That is why his true value to be restored, and what efforts have been directed architects who developed the project of an apartment house with an ergonomic layout and a spacious courtyard.

Extending this form of the roof and turning it around the center before reaching the permissible height of buildings, the authors have created a project scope, which extends the geometry of the building and integrates it into context with the best possible use permitted in the area of ​​height of buildings. The gap between existing and new gives you access to the courtyard, which also provides inputs into the apartment. On the town square will be created, the territory, which invites the public to a variety of activities – such as catering, shops, etc.This decision will encourage the exchange and communication between the residents and give the landscape a more individual look, breathing new life into it.

Access to the apartments is through a corridor in the northern part of the building. This decision, on a plan of Architects, provides maximum space for the apartments with the most efficient layout and orientation of windows for any necessary housing of sufficient daylight. All apartments have a double layer height of rooms, creating a spacious, bright living spaces. The surrounding buildings on average do not exceed six stories, so in this district the maximum building height is not more than 41 meters. This allows the upper apartments offer its future residents beautiful views of the ancient city. This project aims to become a reference point for the development of a new type of architecture, despite the fact that the historic urban fabric, both physically and mentally, leaving very little room for major new apartment complexes with a modern aesthetic. with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio.

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