Candle Sail on Fitseka Romana


February 8, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Paper boats, as well as balloons, many are associated with childhood and entertainment. With the arrival of spring from the exercise book ships run into streams of melted snow, and the balls – in the blue sky … A series of creative candles Candle Sail as the ships presented to the public a young designer Fitsek Roman (Roman Ficek).

Painted in different colors, paraffin boats can float as their paper counterparts. But also “carry” the fire as a load. If you believe the author, the boat can burn for two hours. And then – die a heroic death in the bathroom sink or in pialke filled with water.

Of course, the ships in the form of candles are not as romantic as hearts or flowers. But the floating lights can certainly create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom, if also coincide with this home performance for the coming Valentine’s Day.

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