Boulder EV – the first Commercial Electric Truck


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Electric cars are slowly but surely make their place in the market. More and more people around the world prefer to use this environmentally friendly cars, not cars with internal combustion engines. Perhaps in the near future the same will happen to the truck market. After the first commercial electric truck has already appeared – Boulder EV!

What a joy it was, when there was a world’s first commercial elektoavtobus established companies Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hankuk Fiber! Today, a new holiday on the streets of supporters of “green” transport! The U.S. firm Boulder Electric Vehicles launched a new class of electric vehicles – electric trucks! Boulder EV became the world’s first commercial model of the truck with an electric motor. Modest in size, it has not always impressive specifications. Carrying capacity of the vehicle is 2 tonnes, and the distance of travel on a single battery charge – 65, 130 and 190 kilometers, depending on the model chosen.

But Boulder EV can reach speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour. However, it is not so important at not very high performance range, which can be overcome at this rate. Boulder EV, like most other electric vehicles, designed for travel around the city and its suburbs, but not for long-distance and even more international transport. However, this is only the first, a pilot model of this class of vehicles. Boulder Electric Vehicles The company plans to start production in the future to larger and more durable electric vehicles.

One of the advantages Boulder EV can note its economy. Cost of travel on this truck is only 8.4 cents per mile (depending on model), which is several times lower than diesel fuel. So, as you say in the Boulder Electric Vehicles, the owner of this vehicle will save an average of 5000 dollars per year. And it is impressive!

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