PocketBook Pro 912 Education: office “reader”


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The largest segment of the market of electronic readers take the device with a screen 5, and 6 inches. This is understandable: the device of this size comfortable to read and do not cause inconvenience in transportation. But today we’ll talk about the new product in a higher segment: PocketBook Pro 912 Education has a screen diagonal of 9.7 inches. Large display allows you to comfortably surf the net, charts and images, and plain text is placed on it a lot more that can rarely turn the pages. Overall, of the new items will come from the PocketBook good tutorial or office “reader.”

Skin PocketBook Pro 912 Education raises no objections. The reader is offered in three versions: the front plastic panel can be white, dark gray or silver. The back cover is made ​​of metal: it not only attracts attention, but also adds strength to the body bending and torsion.Overall dimensions of the device 263 x 190 x 11 mm, weight – 584 grams. With these parameters to keep the PocketBook Pro 912 Education in one hand will not be easy. Recall that he was going PocketBook Pro 912 Education (however, as the rest of the machinery of the brand), factories Taiwanese Foxconn – here made ​​Apple iPhone and the iPad. Central to any reader is the screen. In PocketBook Pro 912 Education uses an inductive touch-screen display with a diagonal of 9.7 inches, which is made ​​of technology E-Ink VizPlex third generation, and supports up to 16 shades of gray. These characteristics is enough to show not only text but also complex graphics. Matte screen is almost white, sharpness and contrast are comparable to present a paper book. You do not forget about the complete safety of such screens to view and excellent fuel economy. A full battery charge is enough for about 7000 page turns and a couple of weeks of active work. The only drawback of the screen PocketBook Pro 912 Education include inability to control his finger – complete with a stylus device is delivered. “Filling» PocketBook Pro 912 Education meets the modern requirements for this class of devices: Samsung processor clocked at 533 MHz and 256 MB of RAM. These characteristics enable the reader to work without any “loose”: documents, applications and menu items are opened almost instantly. Subconsciously you expect from a device of this size is not very fast work, but in practice PocketBook Pro 912 Education has shown its best side.

In the reader PocketBook Pro 912 Education manufacturer installed a set of prerequisites, including dictionary Abbyy Lingvo (they can be used both during the reading, and separately, a simple call from the menu), Internet Browser, RSS-client, client access to the Internet store e-books BookLand.net (in more than 300 thousand books in 59 languages), calculator and games. Audio Player can work in the background, and audio output or a built-in speakers, or headphones. Supported file formats: text – FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, TXT.ZIP, PDF, PDF (ADOBE DRM), DJVU, DJV, IW44, IW4, RTF, RTF.ZIP, HTML, PRC, MOBI, CHM, EPUB, EPUB (ADOBE DRM), DOC, DOCX, TCR; Image – JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIFF; audio files – MP3. To store the content provided by 2 GB of memory plus a slot for cards microSD. for communication with the outside world in the PocketBook Pro 912 Education offers two wireless module: Wi-Fi can be useful both at home and in public places, while Bluetooth allows you to not only use a mobile phone as a modem, but also share files with compatible devices. Estimated price PocketBook Pro 912 Education – 13 000 rubles. For the money you get a screen reader with an impressive, strong design, good functionality and a set of necessary programs.

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