Purses-postcard scenery of America


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The choice of designer purses now pleasantly surprised. No problem you can find accessories for every taste and style to any garment. It is true that people are “solid and adults’ preference for traditional leather wallet. But who says you can not rethink the classics? What makes the success of the company’s designers Jack Spade , offering a collection of unusual purses, cards.

History of Jack Spade began as a small family business based husband and wife Andy and Kate Spade in New York. The idea was simple: to offer customers the most functional bags, but with a dull appearance, different from the standard leather accessories. The debut line appears in the shops in the 1997th year. Since then, profits have increased significantly Spade, and the range extended: added to the bags wallets, cases for gadgets and other leather goods.

A recent hit Jack Spade purses are brand-cards. Aesthetic accessories decorated with colorful prints – reproductions of old postcards with views of different parts of America. Despite the fact that the exterior of the carton wallet seems frankly, they are made from natural cowhide.

Colorful accessories from Jack Spade suit lovers of brightness and originality in everything, and at the same time will be a good souvenir from U.S.. That’s just for a souvenir, the price of a leather wallet is not too modest: a copy of the photo collection would cost $ 165 .

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