“Cartoon” Vinyl Stickers for the nails by Nail Rock


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“A person can be nice to think of the beauty of the nails …”. A neat and tidy manicure did not harm anyone else. On the other hand has always been considered a sign of good manners, the same taste, and even status. And it is not necessary to grow a desyatisantimetrovye claws, studded with sequins and rhinestones. Simply select from time to time at least half an hour and bring your hands in order. But now his time, as often times not enough. To make the process a quick manicure, American designers have come up with a useful thing – vinyl stickers for the nails . And at the same time adorned them with such patterns, which can not afford to draw even the most skilled master nail art.

Young Company Nail Rock for a short time has become very popular among the fans incredible makeup and manicure in the world. The secret of success in the small innovations – the labels, “perevodkah” nail that allow fingers to decorate creative prints in just a couple of minutes. And more recently added to the label range is also similar to “devices” for the lips and skin that had been tested with even some of the stars.

His stickers Nail Rock released collections. The latter was developed specifically for the fashion show designers Meadham Kirchhoff. But Novick so pleased spectator and bloggers that the founder of Zoe Pocock  has decided to do it by mass production. So there was a line of ten mileyshih girlish prints and pointed to the bears, kittens, hearts and puhlogubymi pupae in the pastel background.The style is clearly inspired by the delicate drawings by old cartoons or pictures of the good fairy tales.

Stickers are made of vinyl. To get a result like the image, you simply paste a sticker on the nail, and a couple of seconds, a manicure done.

A set of pictures with the sweetest polish will go on sale in February. Estimated cost of the ten sets of labels – $ 8 .

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