Bus Stop with the hot potatoes by McCain on the streets of London


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Hot food and drinks – this is one of the most reliable ways to keep warm on a cold winter day. It does not matter whether it is real food, or unusual promotional installation, installed at stops of public transport on the streets of London.

Using the folk wisdom about the need to prepare the sleigh in summer, in July, we were talking about stopping Adidas Hero with built-in heaters that work only when people are waiting to transport them to perform active physical activities. And, it turns out, the topic is highly relevant stops warm in winter! Regular similar structures have appeared recently on the streets of London and other cities in the UK. They are made ​​at the request of McCain, producing convenience foods, including potatoes, and that is sufficient to heat the ready in the microwave for five minutes. That’s a potato with a diagonal of 2 feet (60 centimeters) and made ​​the main visual element of the stops .Roasted potatoes with cracked when heated skin. This product is, of course, is impossible. But it can be warm while waiting for a bus on a cold day. For those potatoes – hot, if they only pulled out of the fire. So chilled and frozen any person can hold hands on the potato, having received from her a little bit of heat.

Moreover, this device also will distribute the familiar smell of baked potato, is entirely consistent with that which produces the company’s products when heated McCain. To achieve this effect, lab workers spent three months of work. In addition, by pressing a special button, any person can also get discount coupons when buying potatoes McCain in some of the UK store network.

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