Fanged “monster-boots” from the new collection of Iris Van Herp (Iris van Herpen)


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Women love the attention a priori. But there is a category of the daughters of Eve, who simply can not exist without it. At this point in the course is the heavy artillery from rolling tantrums in public places to bright make-up and the caller, or simply the avant-garde clothing, shoes. Lovers turn to his side of the head may well appreciate and “toothy” boots on the sorceress Iris Van Herp (Iris van Herpen).

Iris is known for his serious attitude to fashion as art. Each of the model – is a resounding statement that could only afford a bright, creative and confident woman. The statement that expresses individuality. No wonder that among admirers of creativity Herp listed as extravagant Bjork and Lady Gaga .

A fresh collection of houses Van Herp has been demonstrated to the public in late January in Paris. Even its main theme sounds very original – the microscopic organisms. No less excitement than the clothing itself has caused unimaginable footwear, in which the models were dressed for the catwalk.

On slender legs adorned ankle boots, which come into contact with dozens of podium curved tusks, differing in size. Conceived and executed, this slightly crazy “monstrotischa” in collaboration with the brand United Nude . Creative foot and demanded a thorough technological approach to work: sharp “teeth” are made ​​of fiberglass and carbon fiber. How easy is it to walk in them – the mystery of mysteries. But the fact that shoes from Van Herp “blow up” any event, no doubt.

It is not known how soon the shoe collection of Iris Van Herp and United Nude on sale and will be there at all. Most likely, fanged monster boots will release a limited edition with a very, very high cost.

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