“Bicycle” bracelets for the fans speed by Australian designer


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Cycling – not just transportation, but also part of the life style and even the real object of worship for millions of people in the world. Some cyclists are so fond of riding on iron horses that try to show their affiliation to the “big cycling” in everything, everything. Including casual wear. Australian designers are also not averse to a fast ride. And to please the brothers at the wheels, offers a unique collection of “bicycle” bracelets .

Designer jewelery from Sydney Jeni Oye knows a thing not only in his business, but also in speed. “A bicycle – not just transport, it is a passion” – her words. And if the “big” – your favorite subject, the bracelets on Oye become for him an ideal addition.

Jeni Oye makes its branded bracelets out of old tires , served their usual road, mountain bikes or hybrids. They cut a thin strip of rubber attached to the curved aluminum base. Obtained in this simple way cool accessory like this bicycle wheel, where you can even read the brand name. The main function of this decoration – reminding of road noise, wind and pleasant in the ears everywhere, wherever I went on foot to the owner.

Bracelet length – 19 cm “Road” will be the decoration of an original gift for fans of the brave, and for lovers of fine cycling.

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