A fashionable floor lamp from the tripod and a washing machine


February 9, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Tripod-tripod for your camera and a drum from a broken washing machine in the sum is not a mountain of trash, and a fashionable and stylish floor lamp, which would make the diversity in the interior of any dwelling. At least, it is working on this Portuguese designer It Martins (To Martins) , whose project Rewashlamp just mentioned is made ​​up of objects and decorated according to the latest fashion trends.

We have long been accustomed to, that most of the debris are building true works of art, so the waste is household appliances, which gave a second life designer To Martins, only confirms the theory that the golden hands, even in a position to turn trash into gold.

By the way, to create a series of floor lamps Rewashlamp in the course went, not only parts of washing machines, but the other stuff, like bottle stoppers, measuring tapes, metal brushes, “brushes” for washing dishes, pieces of natural and artificial fur … Found the use of even a scarf, boa, ball, ping-pong and various packaging materials.

As a result, light fixtures came out so diverse, original and colorful, which can not be considered as objects of everyday life as an art project installation. Details – Online Rewashlamp.

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