The Posture Suspenders for beautiful posture


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Tens of millions of people worldwide suffer from back pain. And to say a big “thank you” for it, they should sedentary work and, of course, the many hours spent in front of the monitor in a very awkward positions. And so begins to attack as early as elementary school. But if the tender age of bearing a child can still control the parents and teachers, who will ensure the health of adults? Only they do. A special electric lift , which control the position of the back and does not allow you to slouch.

The idea of braces for posture visited workaholic-student Tobias Sonne (Sonne Tobias) , conducting a lot of time on the computer. The operating principle of “educating” the enhancement is quite simple: the fabric from which it is made, changes its resistance depending on the tension that can detect when the user begins to slouch. Braces immediately respond to a strong and intrusive vibration. It makes people pay attention to their posture, and indeed even the back reflexively. And what’s more muscle memory and trains on the correct posture.

In contrast, very popular in America devaysa iPosture , which is also designed to control the posture, the invention Tobias Sonne works without an accelerometer. And for the results correspond to the wire and sewn microcontroller Arduino Pro Mini . The device operates on battery 3.6v. And all this stuffing was attached to regular braces, bought on Amazon. Here is an early prototype looked like, rather, a bulletproof vest.

Of course, fans of braces today are not so much, but for a healthy back and a beautiful posture can go for small prey. Or, at least, put the right home accessory before the next races in the network.

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