Showtime Vases, Fancy porcelain vases from BD Barcelona


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Young designer Jaime Hayon is considered the most intriguing figure in the world of contemporary Spanish design. He has energy, talent and recognizable architectural style, which he successfully proedmonstriroval a few years ago, is designed for the prestigious design firm BD Barcelona collection of creative porcelain vases Vases Showtime.

Following the recent fashion trend, combining the functional part of the design with a decorative, artistic, creative Jaime Hayon has created vases, consisting of two parts. So, Showtime Vases resemble dolls, except that no nested inside the vases is small, small, smaller. But the upper part is removed in the same way, making a decorative vase with “ears” and “horns” – the usual. Now it is possible to put a whole bunch or floral arrangement.

If you do not remove the top of a vase can be used as intended, but in a more modern way. And it does not put the flowers, and some flowers to fill the holes in such a way that is covered by the “head” of decorative Showtime Vase. Including the “ears”, “horns” and the place where the face should be. By the way, in such a bowl is no longer resemble a doll, but rather a visitor from a distant planet, wearing a strange suit with antennae on his helmet.

Design, built on the contrast between the classic and modernity, Showtime Vases reflect what has always been the very essence of Bd Barcelona. Unusual vases are available in two colors: monochrome (white, both inside and outside) and two-color (white inside and outside of any other color). More information about the project – on site ( )

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