Sit Stay, Retro-Style architectural chair Ted Lott


February 9, 2012Miscellaneous1 Comment

Wood – this is not a relic of the past. This is the material of all time, I’m sure the designer Ted Lott, who presented to the public its new development – kreatvny wooden chair, called Sit Stay. However, to recognize in this object can be a chair is not the first time. This project is more reminiscent of an art object, wood sculpture, not a piece of furniture.

On the base of the chair, or rather, his back, the author of two-storey mansion built in a retro-style. Mannered, refined, with smooth curves and shapes, it is not just like home – it is his. The windows and doors, chimney and roof, floor and ceiling, and even a pretty veranda with carved railings – all here on the rules and, therefore, in-house chair easily be able to live toys or small pets, little animals.

The author believes that this art project, he demonstrated how early to drop the wood off, and switch to synthetic materials, and the process of woodworking requires substantial rethinking. As a result, adults get creative chair, and children – a new toy.

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