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If you want to know for sure what will be the trend across the floor so years old, Pack your bags and go to Paris for Fashion Week. As a budget option, you can simply with zeal, diligence and a cup of coffee to “monitor” fashion blogs that just does not pass over the less significant event. But it really has to look at that. Even men. On it, and fashion week, to be filled with originality. For example, a pleasant discovery for many hunters, fresh new names became a line of menswear LAITINEN.

 The collection of menswear LAITINEN joined the dark aesthetics, truly northern melancholy and manly silhouettes combined with some unusual materials. It is interesting that the line has established a couple of young people with no special (read, design) Education: Anna worked fine art and Tuomas was committed fashion journalism and worked part time stylist.    The collection of a young brand autumn-winter 2012 led many critics to write a couple of positive lines in the address. Being a reference to the lush club-culture of the 90th, the Army theme, and even school uniforms, line LAITINEN brings something fresh to casual wear.Although interesting in the collection is really a lot (which are only “reinterpreted” kilts and luxurious prints, created in conjunction with photographer Chris Vaydalom (Chris Vidal) ), deserve the greatest attention the original “phony” model.      From the material, which is normally used for sewing “inflated” jackets and down jackets, Anna and Tuomas designed a warm jacket, cut free raincoats and even shirts. Warm, comfortable and with the new and stylish.      

I do not know about the next cold season, but here this winter parka and practical clothing from LAITINEN would be helpful.

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