“Spy” Comb Flair with hidden Compartment for small objects


February 10, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

How many times was this: going to school (work, important meeting, your version), in a hurry, even late. Of course, you need to fix your hair, but no gum-hairpins to the provisions of its location is not observed. In frustration turns everything in the house, did not find the desired object, and then you come out of the house with her ​​mane. Curtain. Perhaps it is such a dramatic situation have repeatedly had occasion to observe the creators of the comb Flair . But now their invention will help women to maintain order and not lose a single stud.      Flair – it must be the most organizing comb. Thing to teach even the Masha-rasteryashu keep their pins in a single place. A universal casket for the ladies’ accessories will she brush. The idea – simple as possible: the back of Flair equipped with a small “secret trap door” behind which is hidden compartment where you can put a variety of small objects. Ideal for storage of rods and “invisible.”  And that is not a hairbrush rang when used for its intended purpose of the abundance of metal objects inside, “taynichok” supplied with a magnetic “interior.”  But a “secret” office designers Flair was not enough, and they added a second. Extra “store” for all sorts of stuff hidden in the handle, which can be “open” on the basis of the old foam.    

So, in order to lose another gum with Flair, will have to try much. And the rest, it is an ordinary plastic hairbrush.

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