Forest stories, a collection of glassware by Michaela Tomishkova


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Bear-toed through the forest goes, collects cones, sings a song … A full name of this bear – Michaela Tomishkova , Czech designer, author creative collection of glassware, called Forest Stories , inspired by the forest walks. Cones, snags, stumps and other gifts of nature, which can be found under our feet deep in the woods, – all this has left its imprint on the design pialki, vases and decanters for the fruit that came up with the designer for the company Vyrobeno Lesem.

Glass – a fragile and dangerous material, but only when it is chilled. As the hot, molten, it is soft, ductile, malleable. He can make any sort of form, and anything used as a form. Forest fairies whispered the idea of ​​a designer timber vessels, therefore, is an inspiration, a gift from nature itself, can be considered sacred.

     Multi-colored crockery look a little strange, seems shapeless and useless. But it is for those who know nothing about forestry designer inspiration. If you look closely, you can see on the bottom of a vase – the imprint of the bark with its characteristic pattern, or cones – spruce, pine, fir, or bundle of branches …  

No wonder Michael Tomishkovu find a talented and promising young designer – a collection of timber vessels Forest Stories deserves a lot of praise from the specialists. You can verify this by visiting designer website .

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