Fellow and Big Fellow, Fluffy and Soft Conceptual Stool and Bench


February 10, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

The skin of a bear or a tiger lying in front of the fireplace, it is already past. Modern interiors are modern, stylish apartments can be issued, without indulging in brutality and cruelty, just replace the skin on the floor of the stove-bench conceptual Vertijet Studio , which is called the Big Fellow , and very similar to that referred to a hunting trophy.  An abstract form of couches Big Fellow really reminds sprawled on the floor of the bear. And the upper part of the subject is really made of real fur. But the bottom – made of leather and fabric. Thus, it is still partly a hunting trophy, while bench looks innocent enough. Designers suggest that the Big Fellow may be the bed, and carpet, and a huge cushion. And on the fur side of the subject will surely enjoy lying to kids – they love all fluffy and soft.


The second object of the series – called a stool Fellow . Soft stool, because his seat is covered with a pillow, exactly the same shape as the above bench. The same soft and fluffy, but smaller. Both models are made ​​by hand and are unique – no two are alike lezhanok or stools, and in particular, because the colors and pattern of the fur is not repeated. More information about the design project – on the site ( http://www.vertijet.de )Studio Vertijet.

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