The house inside the house. The unique layout of Japanese architects

Unusual house called House with empty lot , a project that developed a Japanese architectural studio design ON Partners , located in Fujisawa (Kanagawa, Japan). Architecture and design of dwellings designed for the creative musician’s family, conceived as a hybrid of common living space and the “separate houses inside the house.”    A lab in Japanese small and delicate with respect to their neighbors, the house is not built a small fracture of the relief areas, and therefore apparently reads like a multilevel structure. The orientation of the building has also been subject to construction features of the landscape area, which explains the non-traditional forms, location and dimensions of the openings into the admit sufficient daylight.

 Despite the limitations posed by the architects site features, the interior of the house seeks to maximize its potential, leaving most of the loft space open.

     The geometry of the roof, which found continued in the interior, significantly increases the premises at the level of sensations. Restrained pragmatic organization of the total municipal area is compensated by the non-triviality of personal space dwellers creative home.

 The design of this stately home studies and proposes a new method for determining the boundaries, functions and programs within a single space.

 Land area of ​​building House with empty lot is 140.45 m2, building area – 62.98 m2, total area – 110.06 m2.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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